Attractions in the area

The village of Trzyrzeczki is located in the commune of Dąbrowa Białostocka, which is surrounded by the Biebrza Valley and Sokólskie Hills, thanks to which it provides tourists with many attractions. Here you can find numerous cultural monuments such as the wooden church of St. Anne of the seventeenth century, the Marian Shrine with the Miraculous Image of the Virgin Mary in Różanystok, shelters from World War II, and the forest gallery of sculptures. In addition, the area encourages contact with nature and active recreation. The available routes enable cycling, walking and water trips to interesting natural areas, all in the company of unusual animals and vegetation. Additional attractions include cycling events organized by the commune. Here, nature blends with culture and history, thanks to which it provides an unforgettable experience.

Upper Biebrza Valley

One of the most important places in the area is the Upper Biebrza Valley, where Biebrza and the hanging spring bog covered by the Natura 2000 program deserve special attention. On the other hand, lovers of history may visit a cemetery consisting of over 170 stones, probably from the late Middle Ages or from modern times.

The Upper Biebrza Valley area has even more to offer, including:

• islands in wetlands,

• the Trzyrzeczki forest complex,

• the villages of Krasnybór, Szuszalewo and Różanystok,

• lookout towers,

• Molotov Line.

• Educational paths

Educational paths

Such a valuable place as the Biebrza National Park requires in-depth knowledge. This is ensured by a forest path, along which educational boards are located, all in the near distance from our holiday homes. There are two paths to choose from – “Forest” and “Szuszalewo-Nowy Lipsk”. Each of them allows contact with nature and observing many species of plants and animals, i.e. wood anemones, badgers, jays, red deer and lesser spotted eagles.

Tourist routes

Popular tourist attractions in the vicinity of Trzyrzeczki are numerous tourist routes, including water ones, whose length can be adjusted to skills and physical fitness of the tourists. The shortest of them is 8 km long and starts in Kamienna Nowa and ends in Trzyrzeczki. The most demanding trail is a total length of 31 km.

In addition, hiking and cycling tourist routes allow you to thoroughly explore the charming surroundings, especially the route “Around the Upper Biebrza Basin”, which is about 110 km long.


Uroczysko Trzyrzeczki
Michał Stankiewicz